The Historic Olympia Brewhouse!

Right now my life involves a lot of traveling up and down the I-5 corridor.. and every time I pass through Olympia my eyes catch on this beauty that towers high up not far from the freeway. This weekend we finally had time to explore the area and see what we could find out about the Historic Olympia Brewhouse. This is indeed where Olympia beer used to be made until the Brewhouse was shut down in 1921 due to prohibition. After prohibition Olympia brewers built a new brewhouse further up the river and this building has been abandoned ever since. It's hard to believe it is in as good of shape as it is! The property around the brewhouse is very secure, so the only way to get near the property currently is to walk one of the various parks surrounding it. The picture below was taken from Tumwater Historic Park. You can find out much more about the history of the site as well as what local Olympians are trying to do with the historic site HERE. Such an incredible looking building- so glad it is still there for me to see today :)