Bridge Adventure Four: Broadway Bridge

Whew! It's been a little while since I have treated myself to a bridge adventure. Don't worry.. I had not abandoned this project... I was just slightly side tracked. The Broadway Bridge! The closest bridge to my own home, the bridge I most commonly use to travel from my house to the new found Pro Photo Supply store where I happily rent equipment from.. and one of my favorite bridges in town. 

The Broadway Bridge was completed and opened to the public in April of 1913. At the time it was the largest bascule bridge in the world- It is still the longest Rall-type bascule bridge in existence. What is bascule you ask?  A bascule bridge is also referred to as a drawbridge- a type of bridge that moves with a counterweight that continuously balances the span. This bridge has two lanes of traffic and 11 foot wide sidewalks on each side of the bridge. This bridge carried about 27,000 vehicles per day in 2001 and nearly 2,000 bicyclists. The color of the bridge is known as "International Orange."